A warm welcome

A couple of days ago I had this idea of making a blog specialized in writing about my experience and thoughts on teaching. I have to say I was inspired by Yuswohady‘s website (a marketing expert). Well, I sometimes blog about my teaching experience in my personal blog (psst… in which the address is kept secret and available only for certain people who have been the constant readers of its contents), but the posts were never only about teaching. And so here it is.

I will post in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, so more people will likely to read and/ or gain benefits from it. My aim? Nothing in particular other than sharing my experience (funny, sad, exciting, happy) and stories about being an English teacher. And oh, what I mean with “Indonesian English teacher” is an Indonesian teaching English, like me. Last but not least, I hope you enjoy this blog. Write me whenever you have something to say. Cheers.